Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Illustrations for Nokia N97

Here is a series of illustrations for Nokia N97 campaign for JWT Dubai.
The best series of illustrations I have done till now.. creating a style keeping the Nokia feel alive was a bit of a task in all the illustrations but with the help and support of the creatives it was successfully acomplished :)

The illustrations were a part of the Nokia N97 launch event that took place on 2nd June '09 at "Art Sawa" art gallery in Dubai.
The illustrations were printed on big canvases and put up!!

Below are a few snapshots from the event night...

Fox "Back to Back Crime Movies"

This was done for Leo Burnett Dubai which was adapted into a hording.
Got to work with Kapil Bhimekar, an Art Director at Leo Burnett Dubai and working with him was a great experience.
The idea was to show back to back crimes happening in a comic way, both stylewise and content wise. I was given a lot of freedom and so could enjoy working on it!!

Illustrations done for Castrol Power1 "Passion Hunt"

I had done these illustrations for O&M few months back.
The style they wanted for this was Instructo Art and the ideas which were narrated through the illustrations were very trippy, so was kind of fun to work on it!!


These were the storyboards done for the BMW-X1 presentation with Bates 141.

Heroes :D..

Works done during working with Virgin comics which never saw the light of day!! But these are few of my favourites works hope you like them too :)


Here is the Cintiq I made a few months back, had posted this on deviantart, but the adventure went unnoticed so just thought to repost it here on my blog :)

Drew is the first person who successfully made the first homemade Cintiq two years back and then onwards he provided his guidance and knowledge to the rest of the ambitious people worldwide who wanted to make it too.

Here is the link to Drew's website:

and here is the link to my post on it:

and the link to the sketch up model I made to make things easier to understand :D

Annual Socials '06

Stuff during college times!

Rang De Basanti in Rajastani style!
Painted fond memories of our college tour to Rajastan in the college campus during our annual socials :)

This is one of my favourite works ever! Had done this for a drawing competition called "Dolly Cursetji" in my final year at college. Done in pencil, size 4x8 feet..
And for which I got the first prize :D
The girl in the picture, was my girlfriend then.. and now my wife! ;)

Random sketches

Random sketches from different projects and personal stuff.