Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heroes :D..

Works done during working with Virgin comics which never saw the light of day!! But these are few of my favourites works hope you like them too :)


  1. Hey Vivek,
    I have always been your Fan in school.
    Excellent work you were always good with portrait (illustrations)and I am Happy that you are continuing with it!!!And can see that you are enjoying the most !!! lucky you !!
    All the Best !!

  2. And privileged and happy to write the 1st blog :) Best Luck !!

  3. gr88888888888..... work dude!!!!!!!!!!!
    really gr8 by many aspects....
    just keep it up....all d best!

  4. You are going to be ACE very soon !

    keep up the good work!

  5. hi Vivek,
    Amazing peice of work yaar
    very impressive
    keep it up
    best wishes
    Prashant---------amol Kate's friend ahmedabad

  6. hi, Vivek Excellent work keep it up,
    Will meet u soon, if u r in kyn.

  7. very nice work. I am the admin of Comix Discussion Board on iNdia (CDBi), a forum for Indian comic artists and writers and fans. There is a new monthly comics magazine coming up. I was wondering if u are interested in contributing.
    The magazine is called 'Project C', and is being managed by a group based out of Jadavpur University, English Dept (the only undergrad course in India which has comics as part of its study). Rimi Chatterjee, professor, and comic writer, is handling the magazine. Please check out the forum for the mag here-->

    here is Rimi's website-- she is working on a graphic novel right now-- http://rimibchatterjee.net/livelikeaflame/

    --also, please be part of CDBi, and include your name in the Indian Comic Artists and Writers Database.

    CDBi-- http://www.number21pix.in/cdbi/index.php


    Bharath Murthy (actionist@gmail.com)

  8. one more thing-- you can read my first comic here-->

    --it is an autobiographical 32 page comic--

    --currently working on a 240 page comic--
    check it out here-->